Sunday, August 23, 2015

Elegant and Easy To Use From Coarse To Fine Grind

I have wanted a really good set of salt and pepper mills for some time. I have tried a few, but they just have not held up and have not been able to give me the variety of grinds I want in my kitchen. When I tried out the set from Kitchen Classique I was impressed.

First, I really like the size. They are not huge and are easy to hold and use. The size is perfect for me and my family! We don't have to refill them as often ad some grinders we have had in the past. 

Second, I love the way it is so easy to change the grind on these from coarse to fine. I had one set that I almost needed an engineering degree to operate! With these it is so easy and quick. Even with the arthritis in my hands, I can change the grind easily! Just a quick twist and it is done!

Third, I love how easy it is to empty and fill! The opening is very good sized and it is easy to pour from my larger salt and pepper bags even without using a funnel. You also do not have to balance an odd shaped thing upside down with one hand while pouring with the other. The container just sits flat on the surface making it super easy to fill!

Fourth, I really like how easy twisting the top is to grind the salt and peppercorns. Even with a find grind, the twisting action is smooth and it grinds quite a bit in one shot. The way the lid sits on it, you can also grind a good sized amount in the lid to see exactly what how much you have before you add to your recipes. Great for measuring.

Fifth, I love the fact that it is not wood and I can see the contents with the glass. I know exactly how much is in the containers with just a quick glance. Plus I won't scorch it, like I have done with some of the wooden ones I have had, getting them too close to the stove (long story). Cleaning the glass is fast and l can pop the glass in the dishwasher too. The grinding mechanism I would recommend washing by hand.

These are great, super easy to clean, look elegant on the counter and the table, and work like a charm! Oh, and no batteries required!! Love that!

You can purchase your own set of Kitchen Classique Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set HERE!

The reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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