Monday, March 23, 2015

Lisa and Bill Reviewed Some Great Silicone Gloves For You

Hi everybody! Lisa Here today with a review for you!

I've mentioned before that my husband Bill loves to grill. It's one of his favorite things to do, so when Lois gave me these SimPrium Silicone KitchenGrips Pro to try out I was excited.

Here is some basic info about them you should know.
~ KitchenGrips Pro by SimPrium are the HIGHEST QUALITY silicone gloves on the market, perfect for just about any task you can think of, whether it's barbecuing on the gas grill or scrubbing down the bathtub.
~ KitchenGrips Pro help PREVENT ANNOYING ACCIDENTS - they resist heat up to 450 DEGREES FARENHEIT
~ When they get stained, cleaning them up is easy. These gloves are DISHWASHER-SAFE, so no matter how greasy they get, they can always be scrubbed off and look good as new. 
~ LONG-LASTING AND COMPLETELY SAFE - at SimPrium, they do their best to make sure their products are manufactured the right way. That's why KitchenGrips Pro are made with 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE...allowing them to LAST LONGER than ordinary oven mitts. They're completely NON-TOXIC, and their unique design gives you COMPLETE COMFORT on whatever you're holding.
~ ONE SIZE FITS MOST - so one pair of gloves can be used by any number of people.
~ INNOVATIVE NO-SLIP DESIGN - These silicone oven gloves are designed to give you a ten-finger comfort grip on anything you're holding. Never worry about dropping hot pots or slippery raw meat again - the texture of the gloves is specifically engineered to grip anything you hold TIGHT!

Bill and I tried them out several times each. For me they are quite large on my hands. I had some trouble being able to use them. For Bill they fit very well. They kept his hands protected from the heat and he was able to pick very hot things up.

The things he liked are they do protect his hands from extreme heat and they are easy to clean off. He was not too sure if he was happy about picking food up with them all the time. He felt like it was a little hard for him to really manipulate his fingers enough to get a good grip on somethings. It's also a little difficult to figure out where to set the gloves when not in use so they don't get dirty while grilling. You don't want to just lay them down anywhere.

We have figured that they will be something that will help when doing a lot of things, but they do take some getting used to and learning to manipulate things while wearing them. But they do keep your hands safe and heat-free!

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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