Monday, March 23, 2015

How Much Thought Have You Given To Oven Mitts?

When you grab a pair of oven mitts, do you really think about them other than they will keep your hands from burning when you grab something how out of the oven? Maybe you thought about the color or fabric design when you bought them, but chances are that was about all. Most of us don't give a lit of thought to oven mitts. But we should!

Often oven mitts get too hot, they wear out quickly and get small places where they don't protect you from the heat as well and feel very worn and get discolored, and many times they don't protect your wrists very well. I can raise my hands wildly in the air that I have had oven mitts just like those!!

Rite Mitts makes a wonderful pair of oven mitts that WILL make you think twice about what kind you buy and use! Here are a few of the reasons why.

- The 100% flame retardant cotton
- They are heat resistant and have a silver coating giving added protection and will never wear out
- These oven mitts are the most durable available
- Outdoor or indoor use
- Comfortable to wear
- The Silver Coating Comes with a Full 3 Month Manufacturer's Warranty

I had honestly never really though about the cotton material being flame retardant or not, but it makes sense. Like most of us, I bought oven mitts because they looked nice and fit the decor of my kitchen. I figured they were heat resistant, that's what oven mitts are for after all!

The mitts fit pretty much everyone's hands. They are a little large on mine, but I can still use them easily and comfortably and even pull up over my shirt sleeve when I wear them. They fit my guys too, even my son who has quite large hands compared to mine. They are soft on the inside and keep your hands protected completely but you can still move your fingers enough to grasp things easily with them. And of course they come with the handy dandy little loops to hang them up! That's always a good thing.

I think these would make a great gift for any of the cooks or bakers in your life, even yourself!

You can purchase your own Rite Mitts Oven Mitts HERE!

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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