Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Kitchen Gadget You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen

There are several kitchen gadgets that I think every kitchen should have. One of them is a scale. Over the years I have learned how valuable having one in the house can be for a number of reasons.

Fraser has a very nice Digital Kitchen Scale that I was able to try out.

The scale is small and compact, so it does not take up a lot of room in the kitchen. It can be stored away easily not taking up any counter space. The deck of the scale is made from tempered glass. It is sturdy and can handle some bumps and bangs without cracking and it can be cleaned off from any spills and messes easily.

The digital readout is fairy easy to read, although if you place a large bowl or dish on it the reading may be hard to see. I found the scale really easy to operate with the instructions included. I think the only thing about the digital reading I don't like is the size of the specific weight measurements. Seeing if you are weighing by ounces or grams is a little tough at first since the image is very, very small. I would have liked it to be much more obvious and larger in size.

The indicators on the digital readout are easy to see, if there is an error a row of "E's" appears and if the battery is low it will indicate it in the window with the word "Lo". The scale also has an auto off function, so if you do not remember to turn it off it will do so on it's own saving battery life for you!

The scale operates by a lithium battery that is available at most major retailers. Taking the old battery out is really easy. I was able to do it with just using my thumbnail. I like that, since lots of lithium batteries seems to be in things to stay forever.

I think this is a good kitchen scale for a beginning cook. It is simple to use and cost effective too.

You can purchase your own Fraser Digital Kitchen Scale HERE!

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