Friday, November 11, 2016

United Tapes Set Of Washi Tape

One of my favorite things to do is make cards for all kinds of occasions. I use many forms of art to make them including using washi tape.

United Tapes has a really nice set of 12 rolls of Washi Tape to help with all kinds of crafts. Here's the really cool thing about washi tape, you can put it on things and then take it off later without leaving a residue behind. This is perfect for use in kids rooms to let them express themselves on their walls with their own designs. As they grow up, the designs can be changed easily.

It's also perfect for the crafter who wants to get things just so. You can place the tape and move it if it isn't exactly where you want it. Plus it is versatile for so many kinds of crafts from paper to painted items. The tape is flexible so it gives and moves much more easily than other kinds of tapes.

I love that it is light weight. Unlike adding layers and layers of paper to a card, you have light weight tape that adds color, pattern and dimension without adding a lot to the cost to mail a card. I also like the variety of colors and patterns in their set of washi tape. They work so well with a nice variety of projects and are a colorful addition to them.

This is a fun set of washi tape I can recommend to you!

You can purchase United Tapes 12 Roll Washi Tape Set HERE!

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