Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Good Watch At A Great Price

Sometimes you want a watch that is going to look good but not cost you a fortune. Something that you can wear every day that will look good, hold up, and keep good time.

This is a watch that will do that for you. -t is from CakCity and it is the Men's Casual Analog Quartz Waterproof  Black Leather Band Wrist Watch, a mouthful for a good, inexpensive watch that looks great.

The watch has a good sized face to it, but not so big that some women would still be able to use it too if they wanted. The number markings are simple lines and there is the hour, minute and second hands. All of them have a slight rose gold color to them on the white faced background. It looks really nice, yet is not in-your-face fancy.

The watch also has a day calendar. It's easy to set by just turning the hands of the watch around till you reach the correct day. It continues to move for you each day. It's also waterproof, meaning if it gets a little wet when you are out in the rain, the watch will continue to work.

The strap is very comfortable on your wrist. It is smooth and has plenty of holes to adjust the size as needed. The leather is supple as well. No need to break it in for a few days before you wear it out.

This is not a fussy watch or a complicated watch. It is simple, yet looks great for every day use or to look good at work. And it comes at a really good price!

You can purchase the CakCity Men's Casual Analog Quartz Waterproof  Black Leather Band Wrist Watch HERE!

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  1. This is a great looking watch and I love that it is waterproof.

  2. This looks like a nice watch..casual, yet dressy.

    1. Exactly! it works for many situations without being fussy!