Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's Time To Choose The Winner!

Did you notice that there is a lot of political stuff these day? Okay that was a silly question that all of you answered with a resounding "DUH"!

Just when you thought you had seen every kind of political thing out there, one more pops up, and this one is fun!

The TeaBook has introduced two new teas made just for election year, PoliTEAcal Teas! You may remember them from a previous post I did on some of their other teas. One of the PoliTEAcal Teas is Donald TEArump Pure White Tea With Peach and the other is Hillary ClinTEAn Vanilla Essence.

Each of these teas is made with the finest ingredients and each is flavorful and really very good! For me it's very hard to pick which one of the teas I like best. Gee sounds kinda like trying to figure out who to vote for doesn't it.

The PoliTEAcal series combines amazing art, satire and delicious organic tea. This is the perfect gift for someone that loves to talk about politics or collects political memorabilia. The limited run Donald Trump tea is called Donald TEArump, and the drawing contains 11 references to him and his campaign. Hidden references can be found here.

The limited run Hillary Clinton tea is called Hillay ClinTEAn, and the drawing contains 9 references to her and her campaign. Hidden references can be found here.

Now you may think this is just to much, but believe me, it's fun and creative. I loved the first two kinds of tea from Teabook and I was not disappointed by these at all. The flavor is amazing and you can't go wrong with either of these teas. The Hillary tea is best hot with a little cream, kind of chai-like. I like the Donald tea both hot with no sweetening and cold with lots of ice and a few slices of fresh peach. I can't say the same thing about either of the people featured though. Why not have a good cup of organic tea and a good laugh while you drink it.

I love these teas and highly recommend them to you! Get them fast, because both are limited edition teas and won't be around for long.

You can purchase either or both of the PoliTEAcal Teas HERE!

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