Sunday, May 22, 2016

Combining My Love For Tea and My Love For Books ~ Collect Teables!

Tea has always been a big part of my life. I have some really fond memories spending time with dear friends over a cup of tea. I also have very fond memories of time spent reading wonderful books and getting lost in the pages while drinking a good cup of tea.

That's why I love this new tea from The TeaBook. They are a part of their Collect Teables line. (Little aside here, I love the play on words they do!)

The two teas I tried out are themed after two of my favorite authors, William Shakespeare and Agitha Christie. They are ShakeSpearmint, which is a lovely spearmint tea, and Agatha ChrisTea, which is a smart Earl Grey tea. The line they are creating is such a fun idea. They are incorporating their wonderful teas with the names of well known authors that many of us had read over and over while drinking a cup of tea. it's such a fun idea and I applaud them for it!

The artwork on the front of the tea bag wrappers is very entertaining and well done. They make me smile. Each one has small tidbit of things you would remember from reading their work and it makes me smile. But as good as the art work is, the tea is even better. The TeaBook tea is 100% organic and Kosher. It also tastes fabulous! The spearmint has a bright flavor that smells amazing! It is relaxing and so enjoyable. The Earl Grey is a really good black tea with just a hint of oil of bergamot. That small extra in the tea just makes this a cup of tea you won't forget. It is so refreshing and stimulating. I can highly recommend both teas to you, and if this is their kickstarter introduction, I can hardly wait for what is coming next.

One the back of both tea wrappers are fun quotes:
"To tea or not to tea..." ShakeSpearmint
"Tea is a marvelous thing. it can neither be explained nor ignored." Agitha ChrisTea
Just a little more fun to the whole special edition teas!

I am sure if you love tea, this would be some of your favorites. The tea is fabulous and the packaging makes it all the better!

You can learn more about The TeaBook and their Collect Teables HERE!
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