Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Sweet Gift For The New Little One In Your Life

When my kids were babies, I loved spending every minute with them. Well, actually, I still love spending as much time with them as I can. Even doing those everyday kind of things that seem a little trivial and simple. Being close and bonding with them is special.

You may think this is a bit weird, but even things like trimming your baby's nails, brushing their little gums and new teeth are things you can really enjoy and make special. Of course it helps to have the right tools too.

I really like this Now Born Baby Grooming Kit and know just the new mom I will give it to. This sweet little kit comes with seven different things to help you take care of your little one with ease, making what could be a struggle (yep, I had some of those days), something a lot easier.

It comes with the following items:
~ soft bristle hair brush
~ soft tooth comb
~ scissors
~ nail clippers
~ file
~ silicone finger toothbrush
~ soft bristle toothbrush

Each of these tools are scaled down to be used with your little one, yet still easy for you to hang on to as well. All of these things except one, were available when my kiddos were little. The one thing I really like the most in this kit is the silicone finger toothbrush. It's perfect to get your baby used to getting their teeth brushed, plus it can help soothe their sore little gums as their baby teeth come in. You can place the finger toothbrush in the freezer and get it nice and cold to help soothe the pain.

I also really like the extra handle attached to the nail clippers. It makes it a lot easier for an adult hand to hang on to those tiny clippers that are so nice to work with on those tender little fingers and toes.

The whole set comes in a really nice zippered case with a window front. It's big enough that when you take the pieces out of the plastic tray you can fit more things in it for a whole baby care kit all in one place.

This is a nice set and would make a good gift for a shower or to welcome baby home.

You can purchase the Now Born Baby Grooming Kit HERE!

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