Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Nice Set Of Fine Tip Markers From Magicdo

Whenever I get a chance, I love to be creative. Whether it is sewing, stamping, drawing, or any number of other fun things, I find it relaxing and uplifting to express myself through art and design.

One thing I love to do is draw and illustrate, so I was excited to try out these markers from Magicdo. The markers are water-based and fade resistant. The 0.05 nib is a good size to use for a number of projects you might do.

The set of 12 colors are fairly close to the color indicator on the pen. Most tend to dry just a little darker than the color on the cap.  They apply to paper really well. They have a smooth ink flow and there does not appear to be any feathering. I did find a few places where it was difficult to get an even coloring without too much overlap of the layers. The colors are nice and bright. I like them a lot and it is a good basic set to start with.

Unfortunately, these pens do not blend at all. If you try, it ends up looking a little like mud and the paper gets too saturated with ink. Also, depending on the weight of the paper you are working on, the pens can bleed through. I was disappointed with that, so I recommend in a coloring book to place a sheet or two of paper under the page you are working on just in case.

What I found I like these pens the most for is lettering and writing. The fine tip really helps me get a nice look and I love to fill in with colored pencil or watercolor. Since the ink will not run, it works great for that!

You can purchase the Magicdo 0.5 mm Fine Tip markers HERE!

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  1. (Quanda) I never heard of Magicdo brand til now. I love the fact that the markers are chemically stable, waterproof and fade resistant. Good read.