Thursday, September 15, 2016

Looking For A Drying Rack? Well, Look No More!

It's almost sweater season. In a few weeks I'll be dragging them out so I can start wearing them. I love my sweaters, but to be honest with you, I hate having to wash them. It's not fun and then trying to lay them flat to dry, well UGH!! I have an old wooden drying rack, but the design of it just does not work for laying things flat. Sure things can hang fine, but not lay flat.

So when I got the Ohuhu 43" Foldable Stainless Steel Drying Rack I was almost giddy! First, it's stainless steel, which means it will hold up for a good long time. But there are more reasons why I really love this drying rack.

The drying rack can be folded down and takes up little storage space when not in use. It's only 5" wide. Living in a small home, that's a big deal! It also is super easy to set up. In less than 2 minutes, it's ready to use. The feet are covered and it does not slide around. Yet the whole rack is light enough to carry around when not in use.

The rungs of the rack are close enough together you can lay things on top to dry flat, yet far enough apart to get good air circulation when you hang things from it to dry. They also are high enough you can hang shirts an other items on hangers to dry. Also you can adjust the sides to several heights and angles, to accommodate what it is you need to dry. You can set it up with one side up and one down or both sides up. It really is very convenient, especially as a space saver. There is even a lower rack for smaller things. Each of the rods are smooth, so nothing will catch on them. Plus there are safety hooks to help keep the support arms in place making the whole thing very sturdy.

This is a fantastic drying rack and I can highly recommend it to you!

You can purchase the Ohuhu 43" Foldable Stainless Steel Drying Rack HERE!

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