Sunday, September 4, 2016

Basic Set Of Gel Pens For Relaxing Coloring

The coloring craze is huge right now, and I understand why it is. It really is relaxing and fun. But there are so many kinds of markers out there to use. How do you know what kind to get? It can get kind of confusing and costly.

Well to be completely honest with you, it's a little trial and error and asking your friends. One kind of gel markers I recently tried out are AmazaPens Gel Coloring Pen Set. There are a total of 24 pens, 12 glitter, 6 neon, and 6 pastel.

The pens come in a nice plastic case with a snap closure making it easy to store them. I don't use markers very often, so this is really nice for me. I can keep them in the case storing them horizontally to keep them from drying out since I don't use them too often. By the way, storing markers horizontally is the best way to keep them all the time no matter how often you use them.

For the most part the pens color well. For a marker, they blend well and fill in fairly evenly. They are great for that kind of thing. Now for writing, not so much. Unless you are making very large letters, these gel pens aren't great for basic writing. A lot of the colors get lost on the paper without being outlined or next to a darker color. The glitter ones do well, the neon and pastel, not so much.

After writing with them on white paper I tried some on black to see if they showed up better. Unfortunately they don't even with coloring things in. To really get the ink to show up on black, you have to go over things several times, which is a waste of ink to me.

Surprisingly, the one pen I like the most is the white ink. It works well with my colored pencils for highlights and emphasis. I've used it a lot and like it very much!

This is a nice basic set of gel pens, and would be good for most coloring projects to help you relax. They sell for a good price too!

You can buy the AmazaPens Gel Coloring Pen Set HERE!

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