Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Best Tea Kettle I Have Ever Used

There is nothing like a good cup of tea. Although I am a die hard coffee lover, I do love having good tea too. They relax me and comfort me, especially on rainy days.

Although I do have an electric kettle, I still love having a nice tea kettle to have on the stove. I use it a lot for boiling larger quantities of water and it reminds me of my Mom. Those are both good reasons in my book. But there are more reasons. Simply put, this tea kettle I have now is wonderful and I can honestly say, the best one I have ever had or used!

The Willow & Everett Tea Kettle is 2.75 quarts and made of surgical stainless steel, iron and aluminum. The iron and aluminum help with the heat conductivity and the stainless steel helps protect the kettle from rusting and from chemicals leaching into your water. You don't see the iron or aluminum. They are completely covered with the stainless steel. I was surprised at how quickly the kettle boiled water.

The kettle also whistles, which is a fun blast from the past for me and the one my Mom had. I love that it whistles because I have a tendency of turning the heat on under it and getting distracted doing other things. The whistle brings me back quickly to get the kettle before it boils down too far.

The handle of the kettle is coated and has a comfortable grip. I love that the spout lever is easy to operate. Your hand does not tire holding the spout open. I will say though, that the kettle is substantial. It is not light weight, which to me is a good thing. It's going to hold up for years to come. It also looks so pretty sitting on my stove. The stainless steel is easy to clean and keep polished, so it always looks good with a mirror finish. it works on electric, gas and induction stove tops.

This kettle would make a wonderful gift for someone and it comes with a stainless steel tea infuser for the tea lover in your life!

You can purchase the Willow & Everett Tea Kettle HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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