Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I Love Carrying This handmade Leather Journal With Me

I have a ting about paper. I love it! I love the feel. I love the way it looks and i love the many things you can do with it. I especially love journals. There is something about them that just draws me to them.

One I recently got to try out is really nice. It is from Penseur Co. This journal is has a handmade leather cover, which is another big draw to me. The journal inside has 100 unlined pages just ready to fill up with drawings, memories and more.

The cover has front and back sewn in flaps that make it easy to remove the journal inside and replace it with a new one when the old gets full. It holds a 5x7 book. The leather is really nice an supple. I was impressed with how it feels and looks. I had one similar years ago and the leather aged beautifully with use. I am looking forward to this one doing the same as I use it over and over.

The paper in the journal is a really nice quality. You can use all kinds of markers on it as well as pencils. Chalk would work well too. It is a heavy enough paper to keep most markers from bleeding through, although I do not recommend Sharpies or similar in it. They definitely bleed through.

The journal opens and lays flat for you, which is nice when you are out and about. You can open it and not struggle with keeping it open while you write or sketch.

This is a great journal and I love the size and quality! It would make a great gift for anyone who loves to write, journal or draw.

You can purchase the Penseur Co Handmade Genuine Leather Refillable Journal HERE!

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