Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Saves Me Time, Energy, And Space!

Laundry, everyone's favorite thing to do. Okay, maybe not, but it is something we can't get out of. Think how awful the world would smell if we didn't do laundry. Eeeww!

We live in a small home and one thing I struggle with is having laundry baskets in the way a lot. Every time I turn around I seem to have one in a place where I don't want it to be. It's hard to store them and there really is not place to tuck them out of the way. So.......

I am using now the Smart POP UP Collapsible Laundry Basket from Proper Goods. This thing is super nifty!! It's not your average laundry basket. It is so much more.

The basket holds a good amount of laundry. It is sturdy and the handles are comfortable to hold on to and to carry it with. There are plenty of vent holes all around the basket and the best thing.......it folds down to take up very little room and can be stashed out of the way when I am not using it!

How cool is this? The basket is all of 3 ½" high when it is collapsed. Seriously, I was amazed at how little space this basket takes up when it is folded down. The secret is that part of the basket is made from silicone, which can bend and fold in all kinds of ways and then pop back into place for when you use it.

It is really easy to pop it out to be full size. Just hold on to one handle and push down on the bottom of the basket. When you want to fold it back up again, I just push the basket down on the floor and it fold back in place. Quick, easy and a HUGE space saver!

Can't say enough good about this basket. I even love how you can pop out the basket just half way and use it for smaller loads. Very handy! I plan on getting several more and doing away with all the old ones that I struggle with storing and that always seem to be in my way.

You can purchase the Proper Goods Smart POP UP Collapsible Laundry Basket HERE!

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