Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fantastic Small Camping Cook Set

Camping is something I have always loved and I also love being prepared, so this little cooking set s perfect for both!

OYJL has this nifty Outdoor Campfire Cookware Set that is perfect for a hiking trip or to keep in a bug out bag for emergencies.

The set is small enough to pack in a backpack without taking up a lot of room. When collapsed it measures 6" in diameter and 3¼" high. There is also a nifty mesh bag to store the cook set in too. It's a real space saver yet can do a lot.

Everything you need is included. There is a pot for cooking soups or other things with liquid, and a small frying pan to cook burgers, fish and more. Each of them has handles that fold out to carry and hold on to while cooking and then fold back in to store while hiking. Super easy to use.

It also comes with two small bowls for eating the yummy food you cooked or to use to prepare things before you cook. There is also a small dish that hangs on the side on the pot and you can actually poach an egg in it. There is a small sponge to help with cleaning when you are done cooking and a small bamboo utensil to help stir and serve food.

I really like this set. It fits perfectly on our small camping stove that takes up the same amount of space as this does. We're all set not to help out on a fun get away or if we have an emergency and need to cook on the go.

You can purchase the OYJL Outdoor Campfire Cookware Set HERE!

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