Monday, June 13, 2016

Good Looking And Practical Chef's Star Compost Pail

I have been a gardener my whole life, and believe that one of the best things for my garden is a good compost pile. For me, the compost pile starts in the house!

It starts with a nice compact compost pail, like the Chef's Star Stainless Steel Compost Bin. This compost pail is one of the nicest I have seen in a long time and it's much better than keeping a garbage bowl sitting around (like one celebrity chef we all know does).

This compost pail is about 12" tall with the lid on and a little under 9" with the lid off. It holds about 1 gallon of materials and is made of stainless steel, which is fantastic, as it won't rust, chip, stain, or leach chemicals into the compost material.

The lid is really nice. It is completely air tight and there are plenty of circulation vents in the top of it. Inside the lid are two special activated charcoal filters to help completely eliminate odors. You can leave the compost pail right on your counter and it will not stink! Plus it looks really nice too.

The pail also has a nice handle on it to make carrying it or moving it easy. The really nice thing is that the food scraps will start breaking down long before you take them out to your big compost pile. It gives your compost a head start at doing what it does best, becoming the "Black Gold" every gardener just loves!

My personal thing with my compost pail is to add just a small bit of soil from the big compost pile about every 1/3 of the way up the pail, just to give it an extra boost in breaking down. You don't have to do this, it's just what I do! And remember, don't add meat or fats to the compost bin or pile. They don't break down as easily or fast enough and they attract critters of all kinds you really don't want lurking around your house!

It's easy to clean the pail when needed. Just remove the charcoal filters in the top and put it in the dishwasher or wash by hand. Make sure it is rinsed really well before adding scraps. You don't want soap residue in it to get into your good compost. Also, it comes with 1 set of replacement filters. The filters should last over 6 months, as long as you don't get them wet, and the company does offer replacement filters on Amazon.

This pail is really nice and I love how you can store it on your counter and it looks nice, or you can tuck it under your sink. Either way, it will help you help your garden beds and allow you to make fewer trips to the compost pile each day!

You can purchase the Chef's Star Stainless Steel Compost Bin!

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