Sunday, June 19, 2016

Compact, Lightweight, Cozy Sleeping Bag From Wolfyok

It's camping season, and there are a lot of things you need to think about to get ready for any camping trip. One of the most important things is where you will sleep and in what.

Wolfyok has a really nice sleeping bag that will work for pretty much anyone. The one thing about this sleeping bag is the size. It's small, REALLY small! The bag when rolled up and stashed in the storage bag is only about 8" tall by 5" wide. Seriously, it really does roll up that small. This thing is so easy to travel with, extremely light weight, and amazingly easy to carry around, but at the same time is still a full-size sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag is made of nylon with a cotton lining. It kind of feels like a parachute when you touch it, only a little lighter. As light as this sleeping bag is, it is still nice and cozy to sleep in and use as a blanket. With the waterproof nylon on the outside, and the nice cotton insulation on the inside, you have several layers of protection from the cold down to about 15°. After using it I found it to be quite comfortable and I tend to get pretty chilled feeling at night.

The bag has a full length two-way zipper on two sides, so you can unzip it the whole way and use it like a blanket and even hook one bag to another to make a double sleeping bag. At the top of the zipper near your head, there is a Velcro strip to cover the zipper tongue so it doesn't poke you while you sleep. And of course, there is a zipper tongue on the inside of the bag that you can use to unzip it after sleeping in it. It works really well too.

This is a great sleeping bag to take along on a picnic or trip to the beach because it takes up so little room, the outside is waterproof, and it opens up all the way to use as a blanket to sit on when you are on the grass or the sand. And it is completely machine washable and dryer safe! Nifty!!

We like this small bag so much that we have decided to get rid of our other bulky ones that are for the same temperature levels and use only this kind from now on!

You can purchase the Wolfyok Sleeping Bag HERE!

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