Sunday, June 19, 2016

Comfy Warm Baby Wipes With The Bundle Tumble Baby Wipes Warmer

One thing I remember vividly when my boys were little was the baby wipes I used. They were always cold. And now the wipes I use for my makeup removal are always cold. Something I don't enjoy and I didn't enjoy having to put my kids through.

The Bundle Tumble ComfyClean Baby Wipe Warmer has put an end to the cold in this house. Now I don't need baby wipes for babies now, but I do like having my makeup removal cloths nice and warm. Not only does it feel good, it also seems to help remove the makeup a little better.

The warmer is really easy to use. It's pretty much ready to go when you get it. There is a cord you need to plug in to the back of the warmer. You also need to make sure the spongy piece that is inside it stays in the bottom under the wipes. This helps keep all the wipes directly off the heat unit and moist no matter how long they are in the unit. You place the wipes inside after taking them out of the container they come in, plug in the unit and let it start warming. It didn't take too long for it to warm up, and stay nice an warm. It reaches about 40° C. (104° F.). That's nice and cozy warm.

You can place up to 80 wipes in the warmer at one time, which is a shame since I know a lot of people buy in bulk packages. But the good thing is, it is really easy to fill and replace the wipes as you use them. The front of the warmer has an indicator light to show you that it is on.

The whole thing is easy to use. The lids snaps on nice and tight, helping to keep the steam action warming the wipes in the container. The small lid on the top you pull the wipes up through is not quite as snug, but enough to keep it sealed when not in use. The bottom of the warmer has two rubber feet to help prevent it from slipping as you use it. Plus I found the cord to be a nice length to reach from an average height most changing tables would be at.

This would be great for new parents, a shower gift, or for someone who wants their makeup wipes nice and warm. You could even give it to someone who uses personal wipes in their home too.

You can purchase the Bundle Tumble ComfyClean Baby Wipe Warmer HERE!

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