Sunday, June 5, 2016

Camping Or Hiking, The Suaoki Cranking Camping Lantern Will Meet Your Needs

When you are out camping, one of the last things you want to happen is have your flashlight stop working, the batteries fail. Ugh!! And then you look around (as well as you can in the dark) to find the spare batteries you think you brought, to find out that you didn't bring them. Not a good situation to be in!

Suaoki has a nifty Cranking Camping Lantern that can help you with a situation like that! This small lantern is extremely handy and easy to use.

The first thing you need to know about this small lantern is it is very compact. It folds down to a very small size, making it easy to pack and store. It takes up very little room and it is really light weight to carry. When closed, the lantern is only 2" high and 3¼" in diameter. When opened all the way, it is about 5" tall. The lantern can be opened all the way or partially, or not at all and still provide light for you. It has three modes, off, on dim, and on bright.

The next thing you should know about this light is how easy it is to charge the battery. There is a 3.7V Lithium battery included in the lantern (not accessible) that powers the light. The battery can be charged two ways, with the hand crank or by using the Micro USB cable (enclosed with the lantern) in an outlet or you computer. The hand crank is super easy to use and it doesn't take too long to charge up the battery to work the light. You can also use the hand crank to help you charge your electronic devices. You can charge your smart phone with this little lantern. That's pretty nifty!!

The light is nice and bright, bright enough for a tent or small cabin, even a tent fort in your bedroom. It has a small handle to hang it up with if wanted and it can sit on a table or on a ledge with the larger light on the end up or down, depending on how much light you want.

This is a nice little lantern and would be very handy to have tucked in your car for emergencies, including a dead phone. Sit and turn the crank with your phone hooked to it, and in no time you can use it again. It would make a nice addition to an emergency kit, any backpacking equipment or camping items! Or send it along with your kid to camp!

You can purchase Suaoki Cranking Camping Lantern HERE!

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