Monday, May 2, 2016

Mölkky ~ Fun, Competitive, Addictive, and A Great Family Game

Our family loves to play games and a new one we just got is called Mölkky. Have you heard of it? Let me tell you, it is a fun game and highly addictive!

Mölkky is an updated version of an old Scandinavian "throwing game" called Kyykkä that has been around for hundreds of years. Without age or fitness restrictions, and suitable to most outdoor spaces, Mölkky is an easy, go-to game on any day. All over the world, Mölkky is enjoyed for its casual, easy game play, as well as in serious, top tournaments and championship competitions. Some of the most decorated and celebrated Mölkky competitions have been held since 1997 in Finland. An annual Australian Mölkky Championship has been held since 2010 and several Mölkky association have been founded, including Finnish International Mölkky Association, Slovak Mölkky Association, French Mölkky Association, Japan Mölkky Association, Czech Molkky Association, and Sweden Molkky Association. The history of Mölkky is available on Wikipedia.

Mölkky is a game for outdoors. When you get your Mölkky game it will have a wooden crate that contains all the parts. Inside will be 12 numbered wooden pins and a wooden skittle you use to knock the pins over. They are also I really like the wooden crate for storing and carrying the game in. Makes it all really handy!

It's easy to play, just arrange the pins, numbered 1 through 12, in a formation and throw the Mölkky skittle pin to try to knock down some pins. To win the game, players try to knock down a total of 50 points worth of pins. More competitive rounds can be played by trying to score exactly 50 points. If players go over 50, then they go back to 25 points and try again to reach 50 exactly. The first player or team to 50 exactly wins.

Take a look at this video to learn a little more!

This game is so much fun and can get a little wild. It can also get highly competitive and exciting. Trying to get just the right pin for the number of points you need can be tense! But the really neat thing is that the game can be played by young and old. The skittle is not very heavy and it is easy to learn how to toss it, so even young kids can get in on the game.

If you are looking for a fun new game for you whole family, this would be it. It can travel to family functions, can be packed away in the camper, and get pulled out wherever you have a group ready and wiling to play! Believe me, they will all enjoy this one!

You can find out more about Mölkky on this website HERE, including all the rules and tips!

You can purchase Mölkky HERE!

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  2. visit for more information on the game of Molkky and to find events near you