Tuesday, May 3, 2016

InnoGear Solar Lights Help Illuminate Your Yard

We live in a neighborhood that is very safe, but there are many who don't, so protecting their property is important. One of the best ways is to have lights on at night to keep people from messing with things in your dark yard. But let's face it, running electric lights all the time can get expensive.

One of the best ways to help with that is to have solar lights. We have several around our house and in our house, and the newest addition to ours are from InnoGear. They are the InnoGear MT-057 Solar Lights that are sold in a pack of two.

These are really nice solar lights that you can use for a lot of things from security to landscaping and focus lighting. The kit comes with everything you need to set the lights up and it is really, really easy to do it. And the neat thing is that you can install these by placing them in the ground or use the included screws to mount them on a building.

The lights are powered by a good sized solar panel that charges quite fast. The light is 200 lumen, which is really bright and you can set it on high or low. If the area you are trying to light up is small, the low is plenty and the charge from the panel lasts longer. The light comes on around sunset and then goes off around sunrise. The actual time kind of depends on cloud cover, but when you really need it in the dark, it is on. The lights and the solar panels are waterproof so they will be safe in any kind of weather. Also, the stakes to place them in the ground are extra long, which will help keep them securely in place and less likely to blow over in stormy weather. I like that they have a lower profile in the ground. They don't stick out like a sore thumb.

I really appreciate that you can angle the solar panel and the light in the direction that you want. No matter where the sun is, you can position the panel to get the most exposure. Compared to others we have seen, this set of lights is really nice and helps light up areas nicely. It is not like having a spotlight, but it does provide enough lighting to keep things protected or to focus on a certain area of your yard. I can see this being used to showcase a flag pole at night or to illuminate a pathway for you very well.

We are enjoying these lights and plan on getting a few more. I can highly recommend them to you!

You can purchase the InnoGear MT-057 Solar Lights HERE!

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