Friday, May 20, 2016

KABRITA Offers A Safe Alternative To Cow's Milk Formulas

As a mom, I remember trying to find all the right things for my kids. Sometimes it wasn't easy, and it can even get harder if your child has a sensitivity or an allergy. The only time I had trouble was after breast feeding my kids. They weren't ready for whole milk, and it was hard to find what they needed.

One thing I know that a lot of moms are finding that works for their toddlers and I wish I had available for my kids when they were little is KABRITA Goat Milk Toddler Formula. It is formulated for toddlers from 12-24 months.

Here's a little info from Kabrita about it:

~ Naturally easy to digest, premium non-GMO goat milk formula
~ May be a good solution for children with cow milk sensitivity (*not for a confirmed cow milk protein allergy). Cow milk sensitivity may cause symptoms such as colic, constipation and eczema
~ KABRITA Goat Milk Formula has a mild, sweet and fresh taste and smell. A safe, effective and nutritious alternative to homemade goat milk formula recipes
~ Nutritionally enriched goat milk formula with 22 vitamins and minerals including folic acid, DHA, ARA, and iron
~ Our playful, happy goats are raised on family farms and graze on fresh grasses
~ KABRITA formula has not been exposed to antibiotics, growth hormones or pesticides. Free from preservatives, artificial colors and flavors

Now I know some of you are thinking that there is no way you would give your child goat milk because it is just weird. Believe me, it's not. People have been drinking goat's milk for thousands of years and it's pretty good. There is a natural sweetness to it. But the best thing is how easy goat's milk is on your tummy and your digestive system. It is closer to human breast milk than any other milk and far more than cow's milk. That makes it a much better transition for your little ones when they are weaned.

But KABRITA doesn't just offer formula for your toddler. They also have amazing yogurt. I can't begin to tell how good their yogurts are. Their yogurt comes in three flavors, Mango Peach, Mixed berry, and Banana & Natural Vanilla Bean. All three are made with whole goat's milk and the flavors are fantastic. I tried these out myself and can tell you, they not only filled me up, but I noticed a difference in how my stomach felt after eating them. With yogurt made from cow's milk, I sometimes have tummy troubles. I think I may switch to goat's milk yogurt permanently.

KABRITA offers an alternative that is not only very good for your growing toddler, but also affordable, and especially when you consider the health benefits for your child.

You can learn more about KABRITA on their website or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

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