Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Get The Best Flavor From Your Pour Over Brew That You Can

When you love coffee as much as I do, you love to try all kinds of ways to brew it and drink it. Well I have one more fun piece to add to my paraphernalia of coffee supplies!

Willow & Everett has developed a really nice Gooseneck Coffee Maker Pot. This was developed to help you brew coffee using a cone over the cup filter. One of the things that is a negative about those filters is not being able to get the water right where you want it over the grounds. Using this coffee pot, you can get the water right where you want it easily.

In a sense, this is a small kettle for hating water on the stove. It is made of stainless steel and it has been polished to give it a beautiful shine. It really looks nice sitting on the stove or counter. The pot has a BPA free plastic coated handle and lid knob that keep your hands from getting burned. The stainless steel heats up really nicely and you do need to be careful. The nice thing though is it stays hot for a while.

What is really nice is the gooseneck spout to this pot. This actually is the most important part of the pot. When you brew coffee or tea using the pour over method, it is important to pour the water slowly and precisely to reach all the grounds or leaves. Doing that helps you get the best brew and the most flavor. Traditional pots pour too quickly and you can miss a lot of the flavor. With the gooseneck spout, you can take your time and get the fullest flavor from you beverage and enjoy it that much more. With the price of coffee these days, I'd say this is a very good thing!

I have been enjoying this pot a lot and it really looks lovely sitting in my home. If you love brewing coffee with the pour over method, you should consider this Gooseneck Coffee Maker Pot! It would make a nice gift too!

You can purchase the Willow & Everett Gooseneck Coffee Maker Pot HERE!

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