Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Delicate And Feminine Is How I would Describe Cloud Forest From Novica

When I think of precious and semi-precious stones there are several that stand out to me and that I like more than others. The two that would be right near the top would be Pearls and Peridot. Pearls because of the beautiful luster they have and how they feel against my skin. Peridot, because it is my birthstone.

I have the most beautiful necklace from Novica named Cloud Forest, that has both of those stones in one beautiful creation and I could not be happier! This has to be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry ever! This necklace has cream and moss green cultured freshwater pearls and polished natural peridot stones. The blend of the beads is so simple and beautiful. It lays really nicely on your neck and feels amazing. It is light weight and feels as airy as it looks. It has one very special touch that I have only seen on old jewelry that was my Mother's and Grandmother's. It has a small peridot stone at the end of the extender chain.

I have worn this necklace several times in the last week or so, and I have been really surprised at the compliments. People have mentioned how they love the color combination and how delicate the strands look. It is a very feminine necklace, yet not cutesy or in your face in the design. it goes well with a variety of looks and compliments especially people with green eyes, like me.

The artisan who designed this beautiful piece is Sasina and she is from the northern part of Thailand. Sasina said, "I craft jewelry with my good friend Busarin, who is also a Novica-featured artisan. I love jewelry so much that the need to adorn my body with it is mandatory. My favorite is the earring, because it is little yet can subtly decorate the wearer."

I can really appreciate how she feels and agree with her. Even one small piece of jewelry completes a look and can help make you feel and look special.

You can purchase this beautiful Novica Cloud Forest Necklace HERE!

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