Saturday, March 19, 2016

Simply Elegant Earrings

Simple elegance is something I truly appreciate. I am not a gaudy person by any means, and finding something that makes a lovely statement while still being attention getting is not easy.

Novica has helped me with finding something that is elegant, delicate, and makes a statement. Sunrise Spirit is a wonderful pair of Amethyst and cultured Fresh Water Pearl earrings made with .925 Sterling Silver. I absolutely adore these earrings.

As soon as I received them, I put them on and could feel how nice they were going to be. The weight of them is negligible. They feel so light and airy while wearing them. The closure on the back gives me security while wearing them too. I have very long hair and have caught many a pair of earrings in it and lost some that way.

The silver is exquisite. It is very well crafted. One can hardly see where the silver was soldered. The artisan who made these, Kenari, is a true craftsman. She is a very talented designer and I love her pieces. Kenari is Balinese and works with Novica in association with National Geographic. I really appreciate how Novica aims at helping artisans all around the world produce and sell their beautiful work. We are the better for it.

I was very impressed with the two amethyst stones. Their total weight is 1.5 carats, and each stone is just lovely. I wish the pictures showed just how beautiful they are in person.  They are clear and bright, and the color is amazing. The more sunlight on them, the brighter they are. I have received many compliments while wearing these and could not be happier about that. They are noticed and appreciated for their beauty and not for being in your face. One of my best friends said they hang down at the perfect length and I agree with her.

The small fresh water pearls just add to the elegance. They are a nice contrast to the amethyst, and add so much to the total look against the sterling silver. All four of the stones are backed completely except for small holes behind the amethyst to allow light to penetrate the stones.

The earrings arrive in individual plastic bags to keep them from bumping around on each other and getting scratched. They are slipped inside a nice little cloth bag and include a small book, like all Novica pieces do, that tells you about the artisan and what they made. I really appreciate the little books. I learn about who made them and it makes a connection between me and them and the jewelry more personal.

I would highly recommend these earrings to you for any of the women in your life. They are perfect for feeling a little more dressed up without overdoing it, although they work well with jeans and a sweater too. I can see them worn by women and teens alike and both just loving them.

You can purchase a pair of Sunrise Spirit Amethyst and cultured Fresh Water Pearl earrings made with .925 Sterling Silver HERE!

This reviewer received the product at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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