Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Simple Design To Help Your Drains

In our house it is easy for the hair to accumulate in our bathtub. I have 3 feet of it, we have a Newfoundland who has a ton of hair that he sheds constantly, and our long haired Maine Coon cat. To say the least, we gt a lot of hair! So I am thankful for things I can cover our tub drain with to keep as much as possible from going down it.

Prestige Industries has a nifty little product o help keep things from going down your drain without getting in the way. It's the Clean White 2-Way Bath Hair Catcher Stopper Drain Filter Trap Sink Strainer. A lot of words for a little product, but it is an effective product.

The filter trap is only 4½" in diameter, but it fits over tub drains and sink drains. The neat thing about it is that is can sit two ways over the drain depending on what you need. If it sits one way, the filter indents into the drain. If it sits the other way the bump sits up above the drain.

We have tried it both ways in our tub and for us having the little bulge up works the best. The water seems to drain better that way. When it is the other way around, it does not drain as well. but when we put it in the sink it works better the other way around. Go figure!

This is a nice little drain filter and it will help keep all that extra gunk from going down your drain!

You can purchase one of the 2-Way Bath Hair Catcher Stopper Drain Filter Trap Sink Strainer in blue HERE! (Sorry, the white are all sold out)

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