Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Fun Pair Of Athletic Socks Just Because!

I have a thing about socks. I love them, so it is easy for me to assume that my whole family does too. Well, they aren't as enthusiastic as I am, but they are willing ~ willing to help me out.

I got the neatest pair of socks to try and when I opened them up, my oldest son was not too sure about them. The socks are from Switch, and are the Men's Athletic Casual Crew Cushion Sock. Let me tell you, these are not typical athletic socks, they aren't bland and boring, in fact they are fun!!

The socks come in 8 fun designs that are anything but boring! The only pair that comes close is a pair that are black and white, but they still are not ordinary! I think the socks are just fun, and after my son wore the pair for a while, he thought so too.

Here's a little about the socks to let you know how they can help your guy's feet be happy even more than just wearing fun pairs of socks:
~ Arch Support
~ Y Gore Seam, Deep Heel, Stitched Logo
~ Comparable Quality to Stance and Nike
~ Double Stitched Sole for Comfort and Cushion
~ 85% Cotton, 10% Polyester, 5% Spandex

The socks are super comfortable and they stay up very well. The balance between spandex and cotton is perfect. My son said that even after walking his rounds as a security guard for a 12 hour shift, his feet still feel good and not really sweaty like some of his other pairs of socks do. He mentioned that the arch of his foot did not hurt, which happens often to him since he has a fallen arch. These socks seemed to help him a lot! They also wash really well and hold their shape and color, which is a good thing.

You can buy a pair of the Switch Men's Athletic Casual Crew Cushion Sock HERE!

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