Friday, March 25, 2016

Meal Prep Containers That Help You Get Organized

In my house my guys go through a lot of containers taking their super to work. They work nights and 12 hour shifts, so they want to take along enough to keep them going the whole 12 hours. Often they have had to take multiple containers and then they lose one or a top, which means I have to go buy more.

So when I go the Chili Cookware 3 Compartment Meal Prep Containers I was happy to see how big they were and that they are reusable for a long time.

They say that the containers hold a total of 36 oz, but I have not measured exactly what they do hold. What I do know is that the containers are really good sized. They will hold enough for my guys to make it through the night without being starving when they get home in the morning. The largest compartment is big enough to hold a whole chicken breast with a little room. In fat you could fit a chicken breast and a wing in it. The middle size is big enough for some veggies, rice, or a baked potato, and the smaller one for veggies or a fruit.

What I love is that I can plan meals with extras and pack up things for them to grab out of the freezer and take to work. They can leave it out to thaw while they walk their rounds as security guard and by dinner time the food is thawed enough for them to microwave it and have a good meal. This beats buying frozen meals and it is much healthier for them too. Having the containers be safe in the microwave and the freezer is a bonus to me.

The company says that they are leak-proof. I would say that is correct for foods and things with a sauce on it. I would not say they are leak-proof for water though. But so far we have not had any leaks and that makes all of us happy. The lids do seal over securely each compartment so things do not spill over from one to the other. This is something my guys are going to appreciate as they use them all the time.

The main thing I love is that the guys are not overtaking food. The portion sections help them from filling up single compartment containers with too much food. These are also great for taking a meal to a shut-in too. It perfect for a complete meal and then they can return the container to you for a refill at another time. Helping people like that is something I enjoy doing.

The ten containers comes with a bonus of a utensil that is fork, spoon and has a small knife edge for cutting. The knife edge is not really sharp. It is serrated and can cut through meat with some effort, but it does cut.

I love these containers and hope to be using hem for a long time. it will save on other containers, help my guys eat less and keep their weight under control better, and we can have meals planned and ready to go ahead of time. Will be getting more for sure!

You can purchase a set of the Chili Cookware 3 Compartment Meal Prep Containers HERE

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