Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Great Watch For Men Or Women

I am not a person who usually wears a watch, but this watch may just change my mind on that point of view. I really like the look of this watch and the size.

The people at TOPAZ have made a beautiful unisex watch that is the style of watch I have been looking for. I'm pretty picky about the kinds of watches and more importantly the style of watches I want to wear. This watch is stunning and unfortunately, my photos don't show how nice it really is.

The watch face is a white metal and looks wonderful. There is a really nice swirl design in the center that enhances the look of the watch. The case is gold, although it almost looks rose gold to me. I like that a lot since it is not in your face gold. The number indicators and the hands are black. The numbers are also in Roman numerals. It is really easy to read the time since the face of the watch is good sized. I like that it is big because of that, and it looks good too. There are no other extra features on the watch, which is something I like. Too many watches are over fancy and do way more than you need them to.

Setting the watch is fairly simple. When it arrives you need to remove the small piece of plastic and pull the knob/dial up and turn it to set the time and day. It turns very easily.

The band of the watch is a really nice wide brown leather. It very stiff when you first get it, but after wearing it for a while it loosens and feels very comfortable on the wrist and it has a good number of holes for the buckle to connect with. It will fit pretty much everyone's wrists. It also has two loops to hold the excess band strap in place.

In all, this is a wonderful dress watch that a guy would like, and some of us women too! It looks great and it keeps very good time. It is also water resistant to 99 feet, so if it gets wet in the rain, it will keep on working.

You can purchase the TOPAZ Unisex Quartz Watch HERE!

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