Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Very Practical Blanket With So Many Uses

I'm so excited! Spring is almost here. The weather has vastly improved and soon I will be walking the beach of Lake Michigan and enjoying the water, finding treasures in the sand, and relaxing. One of the best things to do is sit on the beach and just enjoy, but it often involves the sand being just a little damp.

I was thrilled when I got the Practico Outdoors All-Purpose Outdoor Blanket! This is such a nice blanket and I know it will come in handy in a multitude of places, including the damp sand on the beach.

The blanket comes in two sizes, small like mine, that are 48" x 58" and large, 58" x 84", and come in black and grey in both sizes. The blanket has two distinctive sides. One features a reinforced polyester nylon backing for superior water and wind resistance. The other is made with extra soft 100% polar fleece that is fantastic at providing warmth and comfort. By super soft, they mean super soft. This is a very comfortable blanket to sit on or to cover up with.

Both sizes come in a nifty nylon carry bag that has a handle to carry it with and a toggle closure. Inside the blanket has a strap on it that also has a handle to carry it with that has a buckle hook that opens up. I also love that the blanket is completely machine washable and can go in the dryer. So easy to take care of that way! It takes literally seconds to open and use the blanket. it does not take too much longer to put it back in the carry bag either.

The uses for this blanket are super numerous. Since one side is waterproof and the other warm, it can be used to sit on or to cover up with. You can place half on a stadium seat and the other half over you to keep warm. You can keep this blanket in your car for an emergency. If you get stuck somewhere in the cold you can stay warm and dry. It's the perfect, compact blanket to carry with you to all kinds of outdoor events and activities, and if something gets spilled on it, you will know it is easy to clean.

We enjoyed trying this blanket out and know we will get a lot of use out of it. Many a picnic will be held on it. I think this is a great blanket to add to your wish list or to give to someone as a gift. It's very practical and useful!

You can purchase the Practico Outdoors All-Purpose Outdoor Blanket HERE!

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  1. I think the brand name Practico is such a catchy name.

  2. Very nice would be great to keep in the car.

  3. Very nice would be great to keep in the car.