Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Throwback Thursday Funny For You

One of the difficult and interesting things you get to do when your Mom dies is go through her things. A lot of it is tough, physically but more emotionally. But sometimes you are blessed with a fun little thing that makes you smile and even laugh!

This is one of those things!

My Mom had a collection of small and miniature pitchers. Each one was dated as to when she got it, where she got it, and from the person who gave it to her. A small bit of history. But, the one above made me laugh in several ways! 

You've heard the expression "Little Pitchers Have Big Ears", well here one is! Ironically, it was given to her by my Dad not too long before their first child, my brother Mark, was born. 

Thanks Mom, for a nice giggle this afternoon!

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