Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Some Serious Relief For My Arthritis And Smells Good!

One of the best things about growing older is the aches and pains you get as you do. Umm, not!! In fact, it's one of the worst parts. Dealing with those aches and pains is not fun.

I was happy to try out a product caller Elmore Oil, that is intended to be a natural relief for joint and muscular pain, something that I am becoming all too familiar with.

Elmore oil is made from the following ingredients:
Eucalyptus Oil
Tea tree Oil
Olive Oil

That's it! No other additives or chemical, just those 4 ingredients! It's very easy to use. The bottle I have came with a roller on the top. You simply take the cap off and roll it on where you hurt. Easy! It takes 10-15 minutes for it to start relieving the pain, so don't expect immediate relief.  it absorbs into your skin fairly quickly and keep working for hours. They recommend using it twice a day for a minimum of 14 days to see serious and continued relief. Oh and it has a very pleasant smell to it. I was expecting that heavy tea tree oil smell, but it smells mostly of vanilla!

Since trying this out I have been very happy with it. I won't say it is a miracle cure, but has helped me more than anything else without having nasty side affects like I do with heavy pain pills. I fell on one of my knew a few years back and hit a rock. Since then I have developed pretty sever arthritis in that knee, to the point where some days it is difficult to walk. I have been using the Elmore Oil now for about 2 weeks. Although I have missed a day or two here and there. I have seen some really good relief of the constant pain in my knee. The sever pain has been lessened and I am down to what I would call a manageable pain. I am hoping with continued use that the manageable pain even lessens.

What I like the best about this, besides the pain relief, is that it is a natural product and I know what each one of those ingredients is and how they work. I don't have to worry about all kinds of side affects and it reacting with any other medication I may be on.

This is one product I will continue to keep in my home and to use! I highly recommend it to you!!

You can purchase your own Elmore Oil HERE on their website or HERE on Amazon!

This reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Awesome!

    1. Very glad to. We are loving this stuff!! it really does work!