Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Beautiful Work Of Art In A Really Fun Puzzle!

I love puzzles! Seriously, I really love doing them and, not to brag, I'm good at them. I'm thinking it's because I do them a lot. But I can sit down and do an average 500 piece puzzle in an afternoon. So when I got the chance to do a challenging 500 piece puzzle, I was excited!

Dowdle Folk Art is the maker of some amazing and wonderful puzzles! Eric Dowdle is a fun artist that puts some neat jokes, cultural references, and tricky images in his folk art. It's a fun challenge to the viewer. I love the puzzles! I'm saying that for a lot of reasons I will tell you about, but mainly because they give me a nice challenge and the pictures are intricate and full of lots of details.

The puzzle I got was of San Francisco. It's a stylized representation of all the major sites and places to go in San Francisco. The finished puzzle is approximately 16" x 20" when completed. The pieces are good sized (a little larger than a nickel and smaller than a quarter) and easy to work with. They all connect to each other, which I really like. It's not one of those ones that slip and slide around cause pieces are not connected completely. They are also nice and sturdy and not going to bend easily. They are made of a high quality blue chip board and just feel good in your hand as you are putting it together.

The puzzle comes in a really nice box. It has an outer sleeve and then the top of the box does not come all the way off. It is hinged to the bottom of the box. Plus the box is really, really sturdy and solid. It's not going to break easily. I really like this, since I have had way too many puzzle boxes come apart at the corners cause the small piece of "tape" holing them together broke.

The outer sleeve of the puzzle has the image of the puzzle, of course, which is what most of us have to use as a reference for putting the puzzle together. Not with a Dowdle puzzle. Included inside is a piece of paper with the full image of the puzzle printed on it for reference! This a probably one of the best features! It makes working on the puzzle a lot easier!

The finished picture is really nice. As I was putting it together I had a great time remembering my trip to San Francisco and all the wonderful sights I got to see while there. Dowlde Folk Art makes wonderful puzzles and this is one person who will be picking up some more! Make sure you check out all their puzzles. They have so many wonderful ones in varying number of piece options available!

You can purchase your own Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece San Francisco Puzzle HERE!

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