Monday, September 28, 2015

iHealth Showed Us New Ways To Monitor Our Health Through Tryazon

Taking care of your health is something that most of us really want to do and think about often. Being and staying healthy can make a huge difference in the quality of our lives. There are tons of things available that can help us, and I was able to take part in an event with some friends that showed us two new ways to help us all keep track of how we are doing!

iHealth is a fantastic company that helps you when it comes to giving you ways to help control how you take care of yourself. At our get together we were able to try out two of their products, the iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and the iHealth Core Wireless Scale. Now as the names indicate, you do need an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or you can use some android smart phones. You can check to see if your device will work with any of the iHealth products HERE!

We found out it is very easy to use both of the devices and they do a lot! Instructions are included with each device and they are easy to follow. You simply download the app and it helps you walk through using the blood pressure monitor and the scale. You do need to know though that you can not use these products without the apps. Nothing shows up on and kind of digital readout or image on either the scale or blood pressure monitor. All information will only show up on your mobile device!

Free Health App - track bp trend, systolic, diastolic and pulse rate

The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor comes with the following things:
1 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
1 Owner's Manual
1 Quick Start Guide
1 Charging cable
1 Travel bag

You use the monitor the same as you do any traditional monitor. You place the cuff on you upper arm and control it with your mobile device. It does what it needs to and will show you the results on you mobile device. The app keeps a running history of you blood pressure and you can share it via your mobile device with your doctor.

The iHealth Core Wireless Scale works in a similar way. It comes with an owner's manual and walks you through how to use it. The app can do and show you an awful lot of things to help you as you track your weight. It can help you track the following:
Body Water
Muscle Mass
Body Fat
Lean Mass
Bone Mass
BMI (Body Mass Index)
Visceral Fat Rating
DCI (Daily Calorie Intake)

We were surprised at how much this one small scale can do. It has a very low profile and is easy to stand on and work with. It can weigh up to 400 lbs and the top is made of tempered glass to hold up over a long period of time.

Each of the devices come with what you need to start using them right away. We found it very easy to try them out and download the apps. But even after using them for a while now, we are still learning all they can do. There is so much to them, especially the scale, and both are a great to have to help anyone monitor and take control of their own health care.

We forgot to get photos during our event, but my son was able to take screen shots of using the the blood pressure monitor for you to see:

You can see in these two images above that it is easy to see the measurement in two ways. He had just worked out and wanted to see how he was doing afterwards and the first picture show his results! The second picture shows his personal history using the monitor. Since he had only used it once, it only shows one reading. It shows the date and then the time the reading was done. As you use the monitor more, the history, obviously, will grow and you can see any specific patterns to your blood pressure. The same kind of history can be seen with your weight using the scale.

We were impressed with both devices and can see how well they would really help you and your doctor or other healthcare professional keep track of what is going on over a long period of time. Down side is no fudging the numbers. They are ALL recorded, even the ones you don't like! LOL! It's also not available to use them without a specific kind of mobile device and you can not operate either with your PC. You can however, get to your record in the Cloud stored by iHealth by using your PC.

We had a great time trying these out and it was a little humbling to some of us! Things we were not sure we wanted other to know were right there. But it was good, because we got to see what we really needed to work on more seriously and how good it is to really keep a good history of your health! Thankfully we had some healthy snacks that day! LOL!

This reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free through Trayazon, in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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