Saturday, August 1, 2015

Keeping Food Fresh With Just A Little Push

I am not a big fan of trying to cover bowls and dishes with plastic wrap or foil. It just never seems to really cover the food that well and no matter how hard you try to get a good seal, it just doesn't seem to work that well.

Practico Kitchen has some nifty EZ Lid Silicone Lids and Food Covers that really helps cover and protect food. I really, really like these covers.

Here's how they work. You simply place the cover on the bowl making sure it reaches the edge or hangs over some. Push down in the center of the cover and a tight seal is created. Think of it like a suction cup. The cover creates a vacuum and seals the lid to the bowl. The neat thing is that the bowl does not even have to be completely round. I have tried them on round and oval shaped bowls and the seal is really tight on both.

In fact the seal is usually strong enough to be able to pick the bowl up with just the lid. Now I don't recommend doing this all the time, but it really does work. In fact I have been really amazed at how well the covers stay on bowls and how tight the seal is. Leftovers last longer in the fridge and I feel good about not wasting food. Who can afford doing that?

The covers are wonderful for heating and re-heating food in the microwave. I don't seal the cover tight on the bowl to allow some of the steam to be released from the cooking process. But the covers keep food from splattering all over the microwave and making a big mess! I've also used the small lid to keep my cup of coffee nice and hot. It's super handy for that!

The covers come with small holes so you can hang them up for easy storage, but they also take up very little room in a drawer. I keep them in our towel and pot holder drawer so they are always ready to use. They are easy to clean too. Just toss them in the sink with your other dishes or on the top rack of the dishwasher!

These would be a great addition to your kitchen. You can purchase your own EZ Lid Silicone Lids and Food Covers HERE!

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