Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Have You Ever Considered Serving Your Dogs Raw Food For Their Diet?

Have you ever given much thought to the dog food you feed your dogs? Most people don't really. We usually just find the food that we see that ads for and see all the happy dogs and owners and that's what we buy.

But not all dog food is really the best for your dogs. There are differences and it's important for you to research and know what will work for you and your pet. One alternative to kibble food is fresh, raw meats and veggies. I will tell you that this is not something that everyone will want to do nor can everyone afford to. But is is something that we were blessed to try out and we have seen some good results.

Allprovide's fresh dog food is made from all-natural, restaurant quality ingredients. The food can be served naturally (raw) or cooked in its microwavable pouches. It comes frozen and delivered in a cooler with dry ice and should be refrigerated or kept frozen. ​The meal options for your pet include chicken, turkey or beef and all the recipes are gluten, grain and soy free for dogs sensitive to allergies. The pouches look like one pound packaged of ground beef. They are clearly labeled though "dog food", so no problem with confusing them in your freezer or fridge!

This dog food is a natural, healthy alternative to highly processed, pre-packaged kibbles that are made with chemicals and byproducts. This is not a food that you open and quickly dump in your pets bowl. You do have to plan ahead. Which I think in some aspects is good. It's not just mindless feeding of your animals!

Here's a little from Allprovide about their food:
Our dog food uses only USDA select meats and USDA grade A poultry. We blend these together with wholesome, fresh vegetables and all natural ingredients to produce balanced complete meals that meet the AAFCO guidelines for nutrition. Allprovide foods are based on the Bone and Raw food diet, but made convenient and safe. We are proud to say that our pet food is made in America and we only buy human grade, restaurant quality ingredients as our goal is to make the best pet foods possible.
Allprovide is based out of Norcross, Georgia where they’ve invested $2 million in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility. The fresh ingredients come from select Georgia farmers and farmers’ markets and all of the food is triple-tested for quality.

Our dogs love the food and look forward to it! We started out cooking the food, which is recommended for dogs who have never eaten a raw diet. As you introduce the food to them you slowly cook it less and less until you can serve it to them raw. Or you can mix a little bit of the raw food in with their normal food and increase the amount each day as they adjust.

It's a slow process, but not hard. Fair warning, the food does not smell all that good when it is cooked, well at least to me it doesn't smell good. The dogs on the other hand think it is fantastic! As soon as they smell it, they come running! The pouches the food comes in are really easy to open and if you choose to cook the food, you can cook it in the pouch!

We really like this dog food and so do our dogs! We have seen some increased energy and vitality with both of them, and I like that! Their coats are looking a lot better too!

I can't say this is the way for everyone to go with feeding their dog, but it is a very healthy way to feed your dog!

You can purchase Allprovide's Fresh Dog Food HERE!

You can also purchase Allprovide's Fresh Dog Food HERE!

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