Monday, August 17, 2015

Great Clothes Hangers For a Good Price

Not all hangers are alike. I know you know that. There are as many styles and designs of hangers out there as you can think of and then many more. Finding a good hanger that will help really organize your closets and at a good price is not fun. Who has time to test a zillion hanger styles, yet alone the money.

I was able to try out a set of hangers that I think will fit the bill for pretty much everything in you closet. It is the BriaUSA Dry Wet Amphibious Hangers.

The hangers have a unique "S" curve at the top that is perfect for preventing things from stretching out. Even things with small collars fit over this area without a problem and sit nicely on the hanger.  Also at the top is an area that can be used to hang smaller items. You can hang it over the top section and then through the bottom section preventing it from slipping off the hanger.

Both shoulder sides and the very bottom of the hanger have a non-slip rubbery material that keeps everything still and from slipping off. I like this material a lot better than some of the cloth or velvety materials on other hangers. It does not shed and leave bits on the clothes. The rubbery material extends quite a way down over the shoulder area giving a more secure grip on the material of the clothing and preventing it from slipping.

The swivel hooks at the top turn easily and can be moved to accommodate the way you need to hang things up in your closet. The hangers are really light weight, which I love, yet they can hold very heavy items on them without bending.

These hangers will work for pretty much everything. Pants, shirts, jackets, all kinds of accessories, even lingerie can be hung from them. I love how I can hang everything I would use together on one hanger, keeping outfits organized with some of the accessories.

These are great hangers that will last for a long time, backed up by a money back guarantee and for a good price! They are sold in packs of 10. The ones I have are in light blue. They are also available in several other colors to match your taste.

You can purchase a set of BriaUSA Dry Wet Amphibious Hangers HERE!

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