Monday, July 6, 2015

Saving Even More Money, Helping The Environment, And Clean Windows ~ Gotta Love That Too!

I've mentioned our Newfoundland several times in my posts on here. Okay maybe more than several times. He's a big part of our lives figuratively and literally! And one thing where I have a lot to deal with is cleaning up after him. He leaves a little of himself wherever he goes, whether it be hair, drool or nose prints on windows.

Keeping up with most of it is pretty easy, I just have to be consistent, but I do have trouble keeping up with the nose prints on the windows. You don't always see them right away. It might be just one tiny spot or two, but then before you know it the whole window is cloudy and smudged!

I told you a while back about two products that I absolutely love Greenwald's Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner and Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover. Well they also have a Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner, which I can tell you I like as much as their other two products.

Here are some facts for you about it:
1. It's more powerful than traditional glass and hard surface cleaners removing even the toughest water spots and dirt (and Newfoundland nose prints). It doesn't leave behind any haze or film leaving your glass shiny and crisp. It's also trusted by professional window washers and auto detailers. They don't have time to mess with something that does not work. It even took off price sticker residue.

2. It's less expensive, typically 30-70% in comparison with top brands. You don't have to buy or use a lot of product to get the job done. I love saving money!

3. It stores easily. Since the packets (6 are included) fit in the palm of you hand you can store gallons of the cleaner in a small kitchen drawer. They also can be hung up. Each packet makes a 32 oz bottle so you receive 192 oz of cleaner total. That's a lot of cleaning!

4. It's environmentally friendly from the standpoint that you recycle your spray bottle over and over again. No more filling up the local landfill with more plastic, and if you already have a spray bottle, you don't have to buy a new one. Just buy the refills!

5. The refills do not require any excessive packaging. Since I drop the dissolvable packet in the bottle without opening it, there are no extra little bits of plastic being added to the landfills and I don't have any kind of mess to deal with emptying the refill into the spray bottle. Just drop it in, add water and it dissolves making an amazing cleaner.

But does it really work? YES! It has been super easy to clean off Bender's nose prints on the windows. Just a few sprays and a paper towel (or better yet a reusable cloth) and the nose prints come off. And if you have a particularly tough spot (like price sticker residue) just leave the cleaner on it for a short while and then it wipes off!

What I really like is that it works on my counter tops and other surfaces too. I love it for cleaning the inside of my refrigerator. It quickly and easily gets up the gunk that can get spilled in a fridge without having to tear the whole thing apart. It also cleans the outside of it leaving a shine!

I really, really like the Greenwald line of cleaners! They have made my life easier when it comes to cleaning, but also healthier. I know using their products in my home will get it clean but also be safe for my family to be around including our pets! It's safe from young to old and you don't have to worry about breathing in harsh chemicals!

You can purchase your own Greenwald Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner Refills HERE!

The reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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