Saturday, June 13, 2015

Something I Think Everyone Should Have Handy At All Times

I generally am not someone who panics. I think part of that is that I tend to be prepared for things. When we travel I always have an emergency bucket with us that has all kinds of things in case we have a break down or get stuck somewhere. In my purse I carry all kinds of extra little goodies just in case. When friends of mine are looking for something in particular, they tend to ask me since they know I carry some unusual things in my bag. Someday I may tell you all about it.

Even at home I have things stashed for emergencies from candles and waterproof matches to extra foods that are shelf stable (like milk). I'm really not sure where I got the idea to be prepared, but I am glad I did since it has helped out more than once.

One new thing I like having around now is my Paracord Survival Bracelet. This is the neatest thing. Now I have had paracord around for a while. It's something that I think every home should have and every vehicle should have in the emergency bucket. But I have not had a bracelet made from paracord before now. I've known about them and am thrilled to have one now.

How is a paracord bracelet something you need for survival? Well simply it is a bunch of rope that you always have with you that takes up very little space and does not weigh a lot. You simply click it on your wrist and you have something along with you that can help to tie something in place, make a trap from, use to tow something, secure a splint on someone's leg or arm, make a clothes line to dry wet gear and clothes while camping, and many more things. Anyplace you may need some rope this will help out with. Paracord is some of the sturdiest, strongest, light weight, and most durable rope you can have. It can get wet and cut and it won't fray or wear out.

But this bracelet is more than just paracord. The clasp is also a whistle that does not look like a whistle! If a person does not know better, they won't realize the whistle is right there on your wrist. As a woman, having something with me that is not very noticeable yet might help get the attention of others who can help me or to be able to scare away an attacker, is vital! The whistle is loud and shrill. It's bound to be heard very well for a long distance yet only you will know you have it. That's a good thing!

Like I said, I don't tend to panic, but I like to be prepared! This paracord Survival bracelet is one way I am prepared and always will be! It will either be on my wrist or in my car or in my purse! You never know when you might need it.

If you want some more ideas on how a bracelet like this can save your life read this article!

You can purchase your own Paracord Survival Bracelet (and I think you should) HERE!

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