Friday, June 19, 2015

Are You Tired Of Wasting Money On Food?

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How many times have you had leftovers, tried to put them away and just did not have a storage container the right size, or no plastic wrap to cover the bowl, or no lid to fit the storage container? So you come up with some kind of compromise and hope it keeps the food fresh or at least edible for a day or two. I know this has happened to you. It happens to everyone!

I love the solution that was introduced to me, Quicklids! Can I just say, whoa nifty about these. Okay I will!

Whoa! Nifty!!

These are the neatest things. They come in three sizes and can work on pretty much anything, plastic, glass, stainless steel, melamine, and ceramic! Seriously the only other kind of thing you might have is wood, and guess what, they worked on mine!

It's so neat the way these keep food fresh. You simply place the Quicklid on top of the bowl making sure it hangs over the edge a little.

Push down in the center and.........

Wallah! The bowl is sealed and the food is protected!

It is so sealed you could pick it up, although with a lot of food in it, I would not recommend that! But it does show you, just how nice and sealed it is. It works like a suction cup, sealing up all the edges and keeping air out. 

The Quicklids are made of silicone, so they can handle the fridge, oven (up to 325°) and the microwave. Imagine how much this is going to help you in your kitchen, from sealing foods for storage or covering those awkward sized containers you heat in the microwave and then end up with splatters anyway! Oh and you can wash them in the dishwasher!

So stop wasting your leftover food and plastic wrap and foil and zipper plastic bags. Just get a set or two or three (you'll use them, I know you will) and save a lot of money by not buying things you don't need and wasting food.

So what kinds of foods do you want to keep from wasting? Tell me in the comments below!!

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