Saturday, May 23, 2015

I Did It Again But Found A Solution

I did it again!

I don't know why I keep doing it, but I do. It's something I am not happy about and it costs me money every time I do it. It's gotten to the point that my husband just rolls his eyes when he sees the results. Not sure if the eye rolling is because I did it again or because he knows I'm gonna ask him if I can go shopping.

What is it I did?

Melted my spatulas! I do it all the time. I get going on a project, baking and cooking, and I don't pay attention to what I have done with my spatula and the next thing I know I have melted it (oooh they look awful when you do that) or I have forgotten it in the mixing bowl, turned on the mixer and it got eaten up! They kind of lose their purpose when they have big gouges eaten out of them!!

I tried a few silicone spatulas, but they seemed too flimsy to really do the job. So back I went to the good ol' rubber ones, that is until recently! I received the Holi In The Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set. This is the first set of silicone spatulas that have really worked and have felt substantial in my hands using them.

These things feel so substantial because they have a stainless steel core. The entire spatula is stainless steel covered from end to end with food grade silicone. Most silicone spatulas are wooden or plastic handles with a silicone scraper at the end, but these are one whole solid unit and amazing!

They are heat resistant up to 500°! I won't melt them! I love that. Nor more funky looking and stinky spatulas in my kitchen. There are two in the set and one is 11" long and the other 8" long. Perfect sizes to get any job done.

Like all silicone the resist odors and staining and can be hand washed or popped into the dishwasher. And I have already smacked them with the mixer and no chips!! Not even a ding to them! I'm so happy about that!

They look attractive, they feel good in your hand while working, and they hold up to abuse. I can highly recommend these to you.

You can purchase your own Holi In The Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set HERE!

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