Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Need Someplace To Hide Some Valuables?

Have you ever wondered where would be a good place to hide some things in your home? Or maybe you want to give your kids their own little secret stash place. Wholeness Home has a fun way to do both of those things.

The Steel Book Diversion Safe is a simple way to deter someone from finding some small valuables right away. Now is it foolproof? I'll tell you right up front, no! Could it slow someone down from finding something, yes, especially if you place it just right.

It's a very simple concept; make a small safe look like a book. The neat thing is that this small safe is made from steel, so it's really sturdy and solid. I've seen other book safes before and this one does have a slightly better look to the disguise. If the book is stacked in with others it would be a little easier to make it inconspicuous than other book safes.

The front flap of the book opens to reveal the safe lock. It has a nice little handle to open it up after you unlock it with one of the two keys included. It does not hold a lot of things, but it is a nice enough size to hold some jewelry, coins, or other small valuables or for a child to lock away some precious items they own!

This is a fun little safe that although is not foolproof, it is still usable, a deterrent, and fun to have around. You never know, it may really deter someone from finding something very special!

You can purchase your own Wholeness Home Steel Book Diversion Safe HERE!

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