Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kisspat Makes Coloring Your Hair Interesting

One of the newest trends for hair is chalks. It's a fun way to give yourself (or a friend) some fantastic bright colors in your hair without dying it.

Kisspat has a nice set of the 6 most popular colors to use in your hair. It was an interesting experience for me to try out since I don't do a whole lot with my hair. But I plan on sharing it with a few young ladies I know who will love it! When you purchase them be aware, they are chalk and chalk can break easily. Don't drop it! UGH! And I am not sure if the chalk was broken in transit or after I got it since it is sealed in plastic when it arrives!

Using these Pastel Chalks to chalk hair is easy, although much easier if you have help!
1. Get your hair damped where you would like to apply the colors.
2. Rub on the pastel on the damp section of hair.
3. Straighten or curl your hair after finished Rubbing.
4. You can also do this with dry hair, just wet the pastel and rub onto your hair.

I do have a few concerns about using it. It really gets all over your hands while you are applying it. I wish there was something to hold the chalk with or if it was in a tube. I also noticed that if you are not careful it will get on your clothes. It washes out fine, but could be problematic! I would also suggest that any hair tools you use after or during the time you chalk the hair you wash or wipe down well when you are done. There will be chalk in them! Plus your hair feels dry and gritty, almost brittle. I don't enjoy that feeling at all.

But it does leave a nice color on your hair. It will take a little while to really build up a deep color if that is what you want and I would be concerned about the dryness to your hair. But a light effect is fairly easy to do. I had a little trouble getting a picture of my own hair, but hopefully you will see where the difference is from the brown hair and the orange chalk. I just don't think this is for me at all!

You can purchase your own Kisspat Hair Chalk HERE!

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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