Saturday, March 28, 2015

The FlavFusion Water Bottle Is My Go-To Water Bottle Now

Have you tried infused water yet? It's become one of the most popular things people are doing, and I understand why. It's delicious!

But it's more than that. I've been working on losing weight and trying to do it slowly and carefully. I don't want to get the weight off fast and then see it come back on fast. Been there, done that and do not want to ever do it again!

So....... I am changing my habits! That's not an easy thing to do. Breaking habits of any kind is tough, but cutting back on things you love to eat and that have been a source of comfort is really rough. Drinking infused water really does help, well, at least it helps me!

It's so easy to do too. The FlavFusion 25 oz Infuser Water Bottle with Locking Flip Top Lid has been making this change in my diet much easier. What am I trying to change, drinking things I should not like lots of diet soda, using too may artificially sweetened beverages, and just getting more liquid in me than I used to.

I love how easy the FlavFusiion bottle is to use. It's easy to add the fruit and get your water flavored. You simply screw off the lid, unscrew the small basket from the lid, take out the small filter at the top and fill it with fruit. It doesn't take a lot of fruit to flavor the water either. Two cut up strawberries did the job beautifully! Experimenting with flavors is a good idea too. So many options you can choose from including veggies, like cucumber or even fresh peppermint leaves.

Once the fruit is in, place the filter back on and screw the basket into the lid. Fill the bottle with water being careful not to fill it so full you can't shake the liquid around in the bottle. I use filtered water so I can be sure that there are no nasty chemicals in it, and it is delicious! Screw the lid on the bottle and shake. I like to let the water bottle sit for a while and sometimes even over night. It gives the fruit (or veggie) a chance to really flavor the water.

Once your water has been flavored I love that the liquid is secure in the bottle. As long as the lid is on and the top secure you can turn it upside down and it will not leak! I love that! There is a locking mechanism on the lid to prevent the flip top from accidentally flipping open. It clearly shows you a locked lock and an unlocked lock.

You can not flip the top open to drink when the top is in the locked position. Wonderful for travel, walking, biking and for somewhat clumsy people like me.

The bottle has finger grips built into it. Four on one side and one on the other. It offers a comfortable way to hold the bottle while drinking from it. When I first tried it, I thought the flip lid would come back to close and smack me in the nose while drinking. But it did not move and stayed put. A nice bonus! It also has a ring on it you can hold on to while walking or attach to something on your bike or a stroller.

All in all, I think this is a great water bottle even without infusing the water. It does not dribble, it holds plenty of water, and it is secure. But add the fact that you can infuse with it and it's a fantastic water bottle!

You can purchase your own FlavFusion 25 oz Infuser Water Bottle with Locking Flip Top Lid HERE!

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