Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Handy Dandy Little Thing To Carry In Your Pocket!

I am not a preparedness crazy person, although I think it would be easy for me to become one. I am, however, someone who believes in being prepared. There is a difference. I think you should always have things with you in your purse, your car or your pocket, that can help you out in a mess. When I was younger I always had a jackknife with me. All the kids did, and yes, even girls. It's just what you did.

I still carry a jackknife around with me, but I also like to have other nifty things to help in a jam. One of those things I recently got to try out is the Credit Card Multitool. This little thing is pretty nifty! It really is about the size of a credit card. It's just slightly thicker, but it's very easy to keep and hide if need be.

This is the kind of small tool that would be good to slip in your pocket as a "just in case" whenever you go on a hike or a walk. I like it for all the things is can do. In the picture below you can see all the thing each part of it can do.

The reverse of the card shows a picture of the tool and is numbered so you can easily figure out what each thing is. It has 11 tools in one small piece of stainless steel. You do need to know that it is not by any means going to work the same as a standard screw driver or wrench or saw will. But when you are in a pinch this will help!!

I think this would be a great little stocking stuffer or small gift for anyone. It may not be big, but it can work in an emergency and yes, the blades and saw are very, very sharp! There are slightly cheaper versions of it, but they are not made as well and will bend and break, so don't go cheap on this! It could end up being very important to you!

You can purchase this Credit Card Multitool HERE!!

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