Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Believe It Or Not I Love Tea Too!

This may surprise you (hold on to your hat) but I love fresh brewed tea! I know, it's a shocker especially knowing how much I love coffee, but I really do love a good cup of tea too. I am very fond of herbal teas and for years have used them to relax with, help me and my family through colds and other illnesses, and to just enjoy! In fact, I love mixing my own blend of teas! Shocker, I know!

Drinkkler sent me the neatest thing recently, the Smart Tea Infuser. I have a lot of infusers in all different sizes, but this is the first one like this. It has been really interesting using it.

The Infuser has a metal basket to hold the tea leaves like pretty much every other infuser you would see on the market. The lid, however, is made from silicone as well as the drip tray that comes with it. This is a first for me and I love it. Lots of times when making tea I have grabbed the little metal chain attached to the basket and burned my fingers. No fun at all! The silicone handle does not get hot at all and you can hold it with no worry about burning your fingers.

The drip tray is very handy to have. You can, of course, use it to hold the basket when you are done brewing your tea and it also doubles as a cup cover for your mug to keep your tea nice and warm.A product that does double duty is a good thing.

All of the silicone is food grade and safe to use. It's easy to wash and use for the most part. Taking the silicone lid off the basket the first few times was not easy, but once I learned how to do it, it has not given me any more trouble. Just read the directions that come with it and it works great. (Yeah I know, I should have read them first myself!)

Oh another nifty thing about the handle of the infuser is the little split in the end. It hooks over the edge of you mug or cup to hold it in place. It does not always fit and stay over the edge of big mugs, but most other cups it works great with!

This is a great little tea infuser and we have enjoyed using it! I think you will enjoy it too!!

Here is one of my favorite homemade tea recipes. It's good for relaxing and general wellness.

Calm Tea

1 c. chamomile blossoms
1 c. lavender blossoms
1 c. lemon verbena
½ c. rose petals

Combine all ingredients. Fill tea infuser or muslin tea bag with mixture. Steep for approximately 10 minutes. Enjoy

Hint: This mixture can be added to bath water for an aromatic and calming bath. I used to use this for my boys when they were babies and toddlers and they slept soundly all night.

Printable Recipe HERE!!

You can purchase your own Drinkkler Smart Tea Infuser HERE!

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