Thursday, December 21, 2017

Remembering and Renewing a Fun Tradition

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Growing up, my family and I used to go on picnics quite often. We traveled a lot, and Mom would always pack the picnic basket and cooler with a wonderful meal that we could enjoy along the way at a roadside park. It was something I loved and remember very fondly.

Personally, I think people should go on picnics more often these days. It's a trend that has kind of gone out of style, and it's a shame! Some people, besides me, are in agreement. Gracie's Goods is a company that still believes going on picnics is a good idea, and has this sweet picnic basket just for that purpose. Well, okay, you can use it for more than just going on picnics too.

The basket is very sweet. I like how romantic it looks. The basket itself, is nicely woven and has a good sized handle to carry it with. The top is solid wood and has two sides that lift up individually, giving you easy access to the inside of the basket.

I really like the green gingham liner it has. It fills the whole basket with a nice little edging hanging over the rim of the basket and tied at the handles. It comes out completely, making it easy to wash if needed. That's a really nice plus, and I like the look it gives the basket.

Although when I first saw it I didn't think it would hold too much, I was very surprised at how much it really does hold. It's nice and roomy and can hold enough for just two or even more.

This basket reminded me so much of the days when we would go on picnics and I am sure that it will be fun to take along on many picnics in the future! But it doesn't just need to be used for picnics. It would be great for storing craft supplies, toys, stuffed animals, any number of things. I'm sure you could find a ton of uses for it, just like I did. Now just to figure out which one, besides for picnics!

You can purchase your own HERE!

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