Monday, December 25, 2017

Keeping Your Teeth Dentist Clean At Home

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One thing that has always been important to me is taking care of my teeth. I'm a little fanatic about it and even carry around dental floss with me all the time/ So when I had the chance to try out this Sinco Electronic Toothbrush, I was excited.

The toothbrush comes with the charging base and three brush heads in three different colors (purple, green, and blue).The base holds two of the brush head while the other sits on the handle.

The handle comes completely charged and ready to go. It is super easy to use and has some special features that I really like a lot. One thing most dentists will tell you is that people, even those who brush several times a day, do not brush long enough. I know I am guilty of rushing many times to brush my teeth, either because I am in a hurry to leave the house of I am tired and want to get to bed.

This brush has several modes to help you clean your teeth the way most dentists recommend. It comes with  Clean (Regular), Soft (Sensitive), Massage (Gum Care). Each mode has a 2 minute automatic brushing cycle with an interval pause reminding per 30 seconds to encourage a good dentist recommended brushing habit. Soft mode of this electric toothbrush is good for new users and children over 8 (it is not recommended for children under 8). It's really easy to switch modes, just hold down the button for about 2 seconds.

I really like that the toothbrush heads come with a plastic cover that snaps over the bristles to keep the brush clean and protected when not in use. It's one of the best features for me!

It has a super long lasting battery too, which makes it great to travel with. The battery when fully charged will last for 28 days! That an amazing amount of time and perfect for a busy family who may forget to keep it charged all the time or for the frequent traveler.

I've tried a few versions of electronic toothbrushes before, but this one is a little different. It's a little smaller to hold in your hand. Others I have tried have had really big handles that I felt were a little awkward to hold on to while brushing. This one is smaller and easier for me to hold and use.

It is taking me a while to get used to using the brush for the full timed amount, but I have noticed that my teeth have felt cleaner and have stayed feeling cleaner than with my regular toothbrush. I am super glad I got to try this out and plan on continuing to use it.

You can purchase your own Sinco Electronic Toothbrush HERE.

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