Thursday, October 6, 2016

Growing Closer To God Through His Wonderful Names

I love learning all I can about my God and one way to really learn more about Him is through His names. Sheryl Giesbrecht approaches this with a wonderful book with 31 days on 31 names of God. Each day is a new name with an explanation of that name, what it really means in practical terms for our lives, Scripture that supports that name, and a prayer using that name. You don't have to do a name a day if you don't want to. I am doing one a week, to really spend time on it. What a wonderful way to learn each of these names and to help you develop a special time in prayer. This is not all of God's names, but I think she chose ones that can help us grasp how wonderful He is and how much He loves us. It is an intimate book and communication with Him. I think this is one you would really enjoy.

About the book:
What's in a name?
Names are more than groups of letters that represent a person or identify objects. Names are powerful. A person's character and destiny can be influenced by his or her name. God's attributes and personality support His unique and distinct names. If we comprehend the meanings of His titles, we can know God more intimately. In Experiencing God Through His Names, Sheryl Giesbrecht walks with you on an exciting journey to discover and absorb the truth about God's character. In the next 31 days, God wants you to get to know Him. Are you ready?

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About the author:
Sheryl Giesbrecht has written three books, hundreds of articles, blogs, and columns. A nationally syndicated radio host, Sheryl is a sought after inspirational speaker who facilitates leadership training for thousands internationally.

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